I’m Junshu Liu, a.k.a. Ted

A passionate UX & graphic designer, video producer, and idea maker.

Interned @ Qualcomm. M.S. Digital Media @ Georgia Tech. M.A. Digital Studies @ UChicago. B.A. Digital Culture @ Arizona State.


years in Graphic & Visual Design.


years1 in Interactive Media.


years1 in User Experience Design.


Two-times hackathon winner.

1Accumulative years, not consecutive. I work on various things through different periods, but as an active learner, I always remind myself to revise my skills after a while of non-using.


“Junshu has shown that he is not only able to act in a follower capacity, but he is also able to step up to a leadership role as needed. He has gone out of his way to assist not just his own team within our company, but others as well. Out of our lean startup, he has taken initiatives and promoted an entrepreneurial mindset that encourages our teammates.”

Jared Hsu, Founder of StreamWork

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