The combination of technology and art. In other words, digital is the manifestation of the artworks. In addition, these works could be interactive, people can not only be an audience, but also a participant.



The Herberger Experience, an augmented reality campus tour.


Characterizing Bottlenecks towards a Hybrid Integration of Holographic, Mobile, and Screen-based Data Visualization: Summer research project with professor Robert LiKamWa at Meteor Studio in collaboration with Synthesis Center (iStage).

  • My responsibility: Build a VR/AR data packet generator in Max/MSP/Jitter
  • Shown in Immersive Analytics @ IEEE VIS 2017

Marine World, a marine-life interactive educational system for children.


LineWave 3D, an interactive virtual reality visual art program.

Disco Mat System, a virtual disco dancing mat.

PixelArt Canvas, a tiny pixel art creator.

POSTED May 8, 2017
UPDATED August 30, 2018

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