I’m playing the role of a front-end guy in app development. I concentrate on user interface and user experience (UI&UX). While doing UI/UX project, I know that I should

  • Using my art and design skills;
  • Understand the proposal and ideas for the app;
  • Always think about what the user wants, how do they think and what will they do.



The Herberger Experience (VR App + Website) – ASU Digital Culture Capstone Project

BitBite app branding & UI design (development in progress)

StreamWork website design


The Herberger Experience (Old Idea) – ASU Digital Culture Capstone Project

Envolve app & webpage design – Hacks for Humanity 2017

Envolve Web Design - Achievements.png

Official website of The Software Developers Association (./SoDA) at ASU

SoDA 2017 Website Design 1.2.2

SWHacks 2017 website design – SWHacks 2017 (organizer)

CollegeGo app prototype – Hack Arizona 2017


Synapse app prototype – Hacks for Humanity 2016


  • Microsoft Axure
  • proto.io
  • Adobe XD (Experience Design)
  • Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator


Streamwork, UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer & Front-End developer (December 2, 2017 ~ Present)

Envolve, UI/UX Designer & Graphic Designer (Started on October 7, 2017. While this project is now postponed, we are holding our idea for the future.)

BitBite, UI/UX Designer & Graphic Designer (April 18, 2017 ~ September 2017)

SWHacks, Marketing Team Member (December 2016 ~ March 12, 2017)
(Note: The SWHacks team collaborated with the team of Desert Hacks for a new Hackathon, Sun Hacks, on April 2018.)

SoDA, Director of Digital Media; Marketing Committee Member (October 27, 2016 ~ April 3, 2018)

Jingtong Health China Co., Ltd., Design and Technological Consultant (May 2016 ~ Present)

POSTED April 13, 2017
UPDATED February 10, 2019

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